The Jackson County Democrats are made up of many committees that work together. To contact a committee or member, you can email them directly (if listed) or email our organization at

Chair David Roadman
Vice Chair Ralph Browning
Treasurer Charlene Turner
Secretary Parker Cardillo
DPO Delegate (reserved for Chair) David Roadman
DPO Delegate (reserved for Vice Chair) Nathan Soltz
DPO Delegate Allen Hallmark
DPO Delegate Sarah Spansail
DPO Delegate Collette Pare-Miller
Alternate DPO Delegate Evan Lasley
Alternate DPO Delegate Lauri Hoagland
Alternate DPO Delegate Susan Krant
Alternate DPO Delegate Shirley Anderson
Alternate DPO Delegate Parker Corallo
2nd CD Delegate Sarah Westover
2nd CD Delegate Lauri Hoagland
2nd CD Delegate Laurie Baden
2nd CD Delegate Jim Crary
2nd CD Delegate James Chase
Alternate 2nd CD Delegate Steven Richmond
Alternate 2nd CD Delegate Sarah Spansail
Alternate 2nd CD Delegate Sarah Wright
Alternate 2nd CD Delegate David Roadman
Alternate 2nd CD Delegate David Gierman
Budget Parker Corallo
Campaign Sarah Westover
Communications Michelle Blum Atkinson
Community / Voter Outreach Jan Waitt
Office Management Sandra Peat
Platform & Resolutions Ralph Browning
Tech James Stephens
Environment OPEN
Health Care Michelle Blum Atkinson
Labor Ralph Browning
Latino Maggie Eklund
Mountain Meadows David Lane
LGBTQ Evan Mouledoux
Veterans OPEN
Youth & SOU Steven Richmond
Central Committee Program Co-Chair OPEN
Press & Media Primary Contact David Roadman
Social Media Coordinator Michelle Blum Atkinson
Liasion to Action Groups Evan Lasley