Senator Merkley Talks Healthcare in Medford

Senator Jeff Merkley came to Medford and made the case for a public option in the healthcare exchange to increase access and affordability. “We need to find a way to work across the isle to try and make the healthcare system work better.”


Women’s March of Southern Oregon

The Women’s March of Southern Oregon was joined by¬†an estimated 10,000 people in Ashland. This was not an anti-trump march, but a march of solidarity¬†for women’s rights. The Jackson County Democrats live-streamed the March on facebook. We also recorded the complete video of Kate , a 17-year old Ashland High School student who gave a speech that began “Dear Mr. Trump” and fired up the crowd.


New Sheriff in Town: Nate Sickler

The Jackson County Commissioners listened to our community’s panel and picked Nathan Sickler today to be our new Sheriff. He spearheaded the Bodyworn Camera Program and is committed to diversity training. He was trusted by Sheriff Corey Falls to be left in charge upon his resignation. “My intention, if elected for this position, will be to guide the agency along a similar path that Sheriff Corey Falls has established for us,” said Sickler in his application cover letter on Dec. 15.