Democrats Running For Congressional District 2

The following are the Democratic candidates for Oregon’s Congressional District 2, the position currently held by Representative Greg Walden:

Jim CraryJim Crary, Ashland, OR
Phone: 541-531-2912

Jaime McLeod-Skinner, Phoenix, OR
Phone: 541-777-7797

Michael ByrneMichael Byrne, Hood River, OR
Phone: 541-490-4199

Ross WordhouseRoss Wordhouse, Bend, OR

Tim WhiteTim White


Pam Marsh Healthcare Town Hall

Join Representative Pam Marsh and the Jackson County Democrats’s Health Care Action Group for a Town Hall on Sunday, August 13 from 4-6PM at the Medford Public Library. Come ask questions and learn how we can work together to improve health care for everyone. For more information, contact Lauri Hoagland at

Just say NO to signing the Petition

By David Lane

When a paid signature gatherer innocently asks you to sign the “Stop Healthcare Taxes” petition (Referendum 301) PLEASE DO NOT SIGN IT!

The background: the referendum originators are misleading the public by calling a newly passed bill, the Health Care Provider Tax (HB 2391), a “sales tax on your healthcare premiums”. This bill passed both state houses in Salem with a bipartisan majority of more than 60%! It is a finely crafted compromise, agreed to by hospitals and insurance companies, to allow themselves to be taxed for the express purpose of using the $660 million raised to match an additional $1.9 billion in federal funds. These combined funds would provide care for 370,000 Oregonians and reduce the healthcare insurance premiums for an additional 200,000 for the next two years!

If the sponsors of the “Stop Healthcare Taxes” petition manage to gather the necessary 59,000 signatures before October 5, the Health Care Provider Tax bill would be immediately placed on hold. This could interrupt the healthcare coverage for the above 570,000 Oregonians for the next 6 months, or longer.

Let our message be: STOP PLAYING POLITICS WITH OUR HEALTHCARE! Just say “NO” to the petition.

May 16 Election – Slate of Candidates

Candidate Slate - Jackson County

Ballots have been mailed, and these are the candidates endorsed by the Jackson County Democrats. These are non-partisan races, and not all these candidates are Democrats, but we voted to support these people, who have strong values and a community-focused outlook. We encourage you to read more about these candidates in the voters pamphlet and like/share their Facebook pages (linked below).

All ballots must be received at an official drop site or the Jackson County Clerk’s Office no later than 8 pm, May 16, 2017. Postmarks don’t count.

Voters Pamphlet:…/Upcoming-Cu…/Special-Elections

Endorsed Candidates:

Cathy Shaw: Library District, Position 2

Hart Wilson for JCLD Board, Position 2

Maud Powell for S.O. Education Service District Zone 7

Tom Fink for RVTD, Position 1

– Stan Littrell: Rogue Valley Transportation District, Position 4

Sarah McGlaughlin for RVTD #5

Damian Bugg For RVTD Board of Directors Position 7

Jeffrey Kinsella for Medford School Board, Position 1

– Jeff Thomas: Medford School Board, Position 2

Casey Stine for Medford School Board, Position 3

– Sally A. Killen: Medford School Board: Position 6

Jim Horner for Medford School Board, Position 6

All ballots must be received at an official drop site or the Jackson County Clerk’s Office no later than 8 pm, May 16, 2017. Postmarks don’t count.

Senator Merkley Talks Healthcare in Medford

Senator Jeff Merkley came to Medford and made the case for a public option in the healthcare exchange to increase access and affordability. “We need to find a way to work across the isle to try and make the healthcare system work better.”