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Vote in the November 2, 2021 Special Election!


Every election is important and your vote matters!

Drop your ballot off by 8:00 PM on Tuesday, November 2nd 

Scroll down to find the ballot dropbox nearest you!

All Jackson County Voters have a decision to make in this election.*

That decision is whether to change how we select our County Assessor, a position that affects all property owners (and renters, indirectly). Recent problems in the Assessor’s office led to Ballot Measure 15-201.  


After much debate, the Jackson County Democratic Party Central Committee has voted to take a neutral position on this ballot measure. Their were strong opinions on both sides of this issue amoung the membership. 


  • Learn about the ballot measure HERE

  • Find the Voters’ Pamphlet HERE.

*Shady Cove voters also have a special election for city council.

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