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We are always looking for more people to join our committees! Interested in joining? Any PCP (precinct committee person) is eligible to be a member of a standing committee of the Jackson County Democrats! Just let us know at our next Central Committee meeting (the 4th Thursday of each month). 

Questions? Feel free to call our office (541) 858-1050 or complete our volunteer application and we will get in touch with you!

JCD Committee Descriptions & Officers

Budget and Finance

Don Tull (Chair)

Fred Jenkins (Vice Chair)

The Budget and Finance Committee oversees the JCDP budget in consultation with the Treasurer. The committee oversees the dispensation of funds to all caucuses and committees, whether in the approved budget or not. All funding requests must first be proposed to the committee Chair and JCDP Chair. The Budget and Finance Chair, in consultation with the Committee, shall develop a process for requesting and dispensing funds.


Tonia Moro (Chair)

Rebecca Pearson (Vice Chair)

The Campaign Committee is the primary campaign arm of the JCDP, handling all campaign business as determined by the committee Chair and JCDP Chair. The committee oversee sthe JCDP endorsement process.

Office Management

Sandra Peat (Chair)

Ericha Tiller (Vice Chair)

Colette Paré-Miller (Secretary)

The Office Management Committee oversees the regular operation of the JCDP office, performs credentialing duties, maintains PCP data and other such business as instructed by the JCDP Chair and/or the Office Manager, who is the Chair of the Office Management Committee.


Patt Herdklotz (Chair)

Robin Keeton (Vice Chair)

Sandra Peat (Secretary)

The Fundraising Committee plans the fundraising events for the JCDP and oversees their implementation. In consultation with the Communications Committee, the Fundraising Committee advertises these events. The Fundraising Committee plans at least two fundraising events per year. The committee works with the Budget Committee to determine estimates regarding total expenditures and income associated with the work of the Fundraising Committee.

Platform & Resolutions

Scott Plummer (Chair)

Heath Belden (Secretary)

The Platform & Resolutions Committee (PRC) handles all proposed resolutions of the JCDP. The committee develops a face sheet and outline for proposed JCDP resolutions and makes them available to all PCPs. Any member of the Central Committee may propose a resolution. Resolutions must be submitted to the PRC Chair and JCDP Chair a minimum of 25 days prior to the next regularly scheduled Central Committee meeting in which the resolution is to be discussed and voted on. Passage of a resolution takes a simple majority of PCPs present at a Central Committee meeting. Resolutions submitted with less than 25 days’ notice require a 2/3rds majority of PCPs present. No resolution is valid which has not first been submitted to the PRC Chair and JCDP Chair. The PRC is also responsible for the JCDP Platform Convention.

Communications & Technology

Sarah Spansail (Interim Chair)

Rebecca Pearson (Vice Chair)

Colette Paré-Miller (Secretary)

The Communications & Technology Committee maintains the JCDP website, all JCDP social media, unless the Committee has otherwise delegated responsibility to a caucus, etcetera. The Committee Chair shall be in charge of creating and dispensing press releases related to JCDP activity and passage of resolutions in consultation with the JCDP Chair, unless otherwise instructed by the JCDP Chair or Administrative, Executive or Central Committees.


Joseph Nicastro (Chair)

Colette Paré--Miller (Secretary)

The Rules Committee handles all proposed standing rules and bylaws changes. No standing rule is valid which conflicts with the Bylaws. The committee develops a face sheet and outline for proposed Standing Rules and Bylaws changes. Proposed standing rules and bylaws changes must be submitted to the Rules Chair and the JCDP Chair a minimum of 25 days prior to the next regularly scheduled Central Committee meeting in which the proposed standing rules or bylaws change will be made known to the full Central Committee for debate and discussion at the following Central Committee meeting. With the exception of caucus additions, all bylaws changes require a 2/3rds vote. No proposed standing rules or bylaws change is valid which has not first been submitted to the Rules Chair and the JCDP Chair.

Community/ Voter Outreach

Sarah Spansail (Interim Chair)

The Community/Voter Outreach Committee (Outreach) isin charge of JCDP involvement in fairs, festivals, parades, marches, rallies, protests, etcetera. Outreach also oversees JCDP involvement with elected officials, such as writing letters and making phone calls regarding legislation.

Neighborhood Leader

Kaki Shields (Chair)

David Sours (Vice Chair)

David Sours (Secretary)

The Neighborhood Leader Program Committee oversees the JCDP’s implementation of the Neighborhood Leader Program and encourages Neighborhood Leaders to become PCPs if they are not already. The Chair’s duties include but are not limited to contacting Neighborhood Leaders, maintaining voter pledge cards, keeping in contact with the DPO Neighborhood Leader Program, and regularly updating the JCDP Administrative, Executive and Central Committees on the Program.


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