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NLP Training  Page

Ballots will be mailed
Friday, April 28

3 steps to training for this election:

1.  Study the races (see link at right)

2. Study the materials on this page

3.  If you have questions email us at 

To educate yourself about this election, check out the
Latest News Page

Please don't wing it. Make time to get prepared!

Use this NLP Calendar

to help you plan your

voter outreach.

Questions?  Contact us at 

​​GOTV Tools  

GOTV = Get Out the Vote

Basic References for NLs

We urge you to print out the following items and keep them handy!

                  *formerly Community Leader


Video References

How to Use the NLP Services Dashboard

Watch a complete NL Training Session (37:18)
Please pardon the choppy video images between 5:25 and 6:15

Other Useful Videos

These were made for the spring primary but are still relevant.

​​​​​Candidates and Ballot Measures

Click here for information about who’s on the ballot, as well as ballot measures.


Critical Info about Voting in Jackson County


Still have questions?

Contact your CL (Community Leader) or email us at .

GOTV Tools
Basic References
Video References
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