Neighborhood Leader Program

Our aim is to GET OUT THE VOTE!


  • Help support our causes in all elections, local and national!

  • Support our candidates up and down the ballot, from governor to county commissioner!

  • Inform voters about important measures on the ballot! 

  • Turn out more forward-looking voters. MORE THAN EVER BEFORE,  VOTING MATTERS!

Neighborhood Leaders can visit the Training page HERE!

Neighborhood Leaders can visit the Recruiting page HERE!


WHY CANVASS the Neighborhood Leader Program way?

Because it works!

  • Note!  Some of the canvassing techniques discussed below have been modified because of the COVID19 health crisis!

  • Phone Banks: add 1% at best 

  • Direct Mail: adds .6% (per mailing) 

  • Standard Canvassing: only about 25% on a list are contacted; adds 5-7% 

  • As Neighborhood Leaders, we strive for one-on-one (be it by phone or face to face if public health allows...) contact with all our voters. In Jackson County, the Neighborhood Leader Program has already had this effect. Only 45% of Oregon Democrats voted in the referendum on Measure 101 in January 2017, but 79% of voters contacted face-to-face by Neighborhood Leaders voted in that election!

  • 87% of voters contacted by Neighborhood Leaders voted in November 2018 elections. 


So How Do We Do it?

There are 3 steps in our program:

First you will receive an email letting you know that your new sign-in & Walk Sheet are available, along with some instructions about navigating the website.

1. Get Your WALK SHEET. Go online at  and print out materials.          

2. CANVASS - When public health allows walk your neighborhood, knock on doors, start the conversation with 35-40 households - about 50 voters - all of them progressive.  This year, we'll be canvassing by phone calls, and/or texts, and/or postcards!


To sign up to be a Neighborhood Leader today, contact us HERE!


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