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Caucuses and Clubs

We are always excited to have new folks join our caucuses! Any registered democrat is eligible to be a member of a caucus of the Jackson County Democrats! 

Complete our volunteer application and we will help you get started!

Environment Caucus

The Environment Caucus supports and promotes local, statewide, and national groups, campaigns, and activities that increase environmental quality and sustainable energy.


Health Care Caucus

The Health Care Caucus helps our community members become familiar with local health issues and increase access to care.


Latino Caucus

The Latino Caucus shall listen and act in supporting our Latinx community and inform the JCDP of events and actions relating to Latinx issues pertinent to the scope of the JCDP.

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Youth & SOU Caucus

The Youth & SOU Caucus is dedicated to expanding the involvement and citizenship of students through knowledge of current events and volunteer opportunities. The Caucus shall also oversee the formation and implementation of Democratic clubs at schools in Jackson County. The Caucus encourages greater political awareness at SOU while providing a means for like-minded college students to get involved in Democratic politics on the local level as well encourage interest in state and national politics.


LGBTQ Caucus

The LGBTQ Caucus advocates for and promotes community awareness of LGBTQ inclusive policies, recruits and supports LGBTQ-identified candidates for elective office and participates in the policy decisions and the outreach programs of the JCDP to maximize support of the Democratic Party and its endorsed candidates.

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Labor Caucus

The Labor Caucus shall inform the JCDP of events and actions relating to Labor issues pertinent to the scope of the JCDP.


Veterans Caucus

The Fundraising Committee plans the fundraising events for the JCDP and oversees their implementation. In consultation with the Communications Committee, the Fundraising Committee advertises these events. The Fundraising Committee plans at least two fundraising events per year. The committee works with the Budget Committee to determine estimates regarding total expenditures and income associated with the work of the Fundraising Committee.

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