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Neighborhood Leader Program (NLP)
Questions and Answers

Q:  What is the Neighborhood Leader Program?

A:  It’s a neighbor-to-neighbor program to get out the vote (GOTV).  Neighborhood Leaders, also known as NLs, encourage fellow Democrats in their neighborhood to vote in every election – and for every race.

Q:  How does it work?

A:  The program is easy, fun, and EFFECTIVE!  

  1. Tell us where you're registered to vote and your contact info

  2. Use a simple script to talk with your neighbors about voting in the next election with a list of 35 Democratic households that we'll provide

  3. Record interactions with your neighbors using a simple online tool.

Q:  How effective is it?

A:   NLP is effective because it engenders long-term relationships and trust.

  • Since NLP started in Jackson County in 2017, we’ve increased the rate of Democratic turnout in several areas of the county.

  • Republicans outnumber us, but we’ve proven we can beat them in some races due to our higher rate of turnout in areas where we have active NLs.

Q:  Yes, but will we actually elect more Democrats this way?

A:   Yes.  The more active NLs we have, the more races we’ll win.

  • Currently, we have active NLs in about 20-25% of the county’s neighborhoods. 

  • Join our ranks and you’ll help us expand that . 

  • More neighborhoods will make us more competitive over time.

Q:  Do I have to knock on doors?

A:  You’ll have discretion about that.  Face to face is most effective, but phone and text messaging can work well.  Mailing personal postcards is another option, but we recommend combining it with other methods for better results.

Q:  Is my own neighborhood available?

A:  Email us and we’ll check into it.  See address below.

Next steps:

  • Listen to Neighborhood Leaders talk about their experience.  Watch this 2-minute video.

  • Email us at if you want to:

    • Find out if anyone is covering your neighborhood 

    • Ask about training

    • Get additional questions answered

    • Join us!

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