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What is the Neighborhood Leader Program?

Listen to our Volunteers explain it.
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It's simple!

  • Adopt a neighborhood near you.

  • Get to know your voters over time.

  • Increase Democratic turnout in ALL elections -- Elect more Democrats.

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a short video.

Stop the Alt-Right in Jackson County

  • Support our candidates up and down the ballot, from governor to county commissioner

  • Inform voters about important measures on the ballot 

  • Turn out more forward-looking voters. 


  • Note for 2022:  It is important to protect ourselves and our neighbors. Depending on Covid conditions this year, we may conduct our voter outreach via phone, text messages, and postcards.


Why canvass the NLP way?

Because it works! As Neighborhood Leaders (NLs), we strive for one-on-one contact with all our voters, be it by phone, email or face-to-face if public health allows. . .  In Jackson County, the Neighborhood Leader Program has already made a difference.

  • November 2021:  NLP helped set a record in Jackson County with 90% of Democrats voting.

  • May 2020: 48% of Oregon Democrats voted in the Primary, but 67% of those in areas with NLs voted

  • January 2018: Only 45% of Oregon Democrats voted in the referendum on Measure 101, but 79% of voters contacted face-to-face by Neighborhood Leaders voted in that election!

  • November 2018: 87% of voters contacted by Neighborhood Leaders voted.


How do we do it?

1.Your "Turf": NLs are assigned 35-40 households (about 55 voters) to contact before an election. These will be in your own neighborhood whenever possible--though we cannot guarantee it.  We ask you to consider making a long-term commitment to contact this set of neighbors not just for one election, but for every election.  Let them get to know you and you them.  This engenders trust and over time can lead to more reliable turnout.

2. Training: Before an election,  training sessions are offered online or at sites in all 6 of our communities.

3. Canvassing: NLs start contacting voters in their turf when ballots go out. Going house-to-house and speaking with voters in person is the ideal,  but if that is not possible (due, for example, to a rural location or  to public health issues) we make personal phone calls, send texts, or write a postcard/letter to the voters in our turf. The goal is to interact with each voter directly and get them to commit to vote in the coming election.

4. Enter Your Results: NLs enter the results of voter encounters on the NLP Services website online.   Requires modest computer skills and access to the Internet.

Not sure yet if Neighborhood Leaders is the right fit for you?  Email us with your questions at

Ready to sign up?  Contact us HERE.

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