Jackson County Democratic Party of Oregon

Jackson County Democrats

We are an all-volunteer organization that encourages political participation from all individuals in Jackson County. We are a diverse group of community members in Southern Oregon from Medford, Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Central Point, Jacksonville, Applegate, Butte Falls, Eagle Point, Gold Hill, Shady Cove, Prospect, Rogue River, Ruch, Trail, Foots Creek and Wimer.

Whether you feel the Bern or you stand with Hillary,we represent people who are committed to the environment, human rights and an economy that is fair for everyone. Contact Jackson County Democrats today and have your voice heard.  

To Become a volunteer, call the Jackson County Democrats Office at 541-858-1050 or email us at mail@JCDemocrats.org.

Official, Local Primary Election Results

The Official Primary Elections results are in, and the Jackson County Democrats have much to be thankful for. There were about 3,000 more Democrats than Republicans who voted in this local election, which made all the difference. You can view all results on the Jackson County Election Website.

4th of July Celebration and Volunteers

Jackson County Democrats celebrate Independence Day in Ashland every year. Please contact Jan Waitt if you would like to volunteer in the booth or walk in the parade, 541-482-8249 or rjwaitt@opendoor.com

Mike Moran Kick-Off Event

Mike Moran

Wednesday, June 15, 11:00 AM

Adams Room, Medford Library

Free and Open to the Public

Please join Mike Moran at this campaign kick-off event on Wed. June 15 at 11AM in the Adams Room of the Medford Library. Come chat with Mike and share your thoughts about what Medford needs. This event is Free and Open to the public.

LGBTQ Advocates Needed

The recent violence targeted at the LGBTQ community in Orlando is tragic and heart-breaking. Jackson County needs an advocate or advocates who will meet with local Democrats and public officials to address the needs of people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning. Someone is needed to fill our Stonewall Democrat chair. Our monthly meetings occur at 6:30PM on the 2nd Thursday. Help us fill this position soon, so please call us at 858-1050 if you are interested or know someone who can help.

Delagates to Democratic National Convention

The DPO has announced that Oregon will have 74 delegates and five alternates to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, July 25-29. Forty-one delegates were elected at the congressional district mini-conventions, and 20 will be elected at the state convention. Thirteen “super delegates” will be automatically selected because they are elected officials or members of the DNC and are not required to be pledged to any candidate.  

If not elected at the mini-convention in Klamath Falls, prospective candidates to be delegates to the national convention will have the opportunity to run for 20 positions in the state convention at Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute, 4222 NE 158th Ave., Portland, OR 97230, on June 18th. 

Wider Community

From Stand up for Oregon: No LNG, No Pipeline Team

Are you ready to take action to stop the Jordan Cove LNG Export Project once and for all?  Can you join Oregonians, impacted landowners, and community groups in Salem for a day of action to stop the LNG Pipeline?  Even though federal agencies have denied crucial permits for the project, Oregon agencies continue to move forward with permitting.
Can you join us at the State Lands Board Meeting in Salem on Tue., June 14? 

State Land Board Building, 775 Summer St NE #100,  Salem, OR 97301

Defend Oregon's Ballot

Out-of-state corporations and millionaires and billionaires with extreme agendas are setting their sights on Oregon. They’re spending big money to stop the progress Oregon is making and attack Oregonians with a series of destructive ballot measures. We’re standing together to defeat these big money campaigns and stop extremist forces in their tracks. Learn more online at www.DefendOregon.org.